2017 Year In Review: Colors With Cora

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Many photographers do a year in review that includes photos of themselves behind the scenes along with some of their best images from the past year. This time I've decided to do a personal year in review focusing on the adventures I've had with my daughter. Many of the photos are from our daily lives around home and our neighborhood and Lancaster City where we live. The two biggest events I'll remember about this year are Cora breaking her leg in the fall, a couple months after she turned 2, and starting her in preschool one day a week. And for Cora, one of her favorite memories would probably be getting a kitten.

Photo of a toddler wearing a heart antennae headband holding a bright pink pillow that says "be mine". In 2017 I started using Instagram for my business (you can follow me at @melissaenglephotography). I also created a personal account (@menglehess) where I share photos of the magic I see in everyday life, which primarily consists of photos of Cora using the hashtag #colorswithcora. Surprisingly my 2017 top nine photos on my business account were mostly photos of me and my family.

Now I'm going to rant a little bit about my experience with Instagram. Instagram has been a blessing and a curse for me. A blessing because I have loved connecting with and supporting other moms who run their own businesses; however, I have been overwhelmed by how much perfection exists (or the appearance of it) in the mom world and find myself striving after it as well. I have a love hate relationship with the Instagram moms who always seem to have themselves completely put together. Their outfits are coordinated perfectly with what their child is wearing, they have just the right amount of tossled hair, make up on, and they are always happy and put together. All of the colors and tones in their feed are somehow coordinated and perfectly balanced. It also appears they have a professional photographer following them around all the time (otherwise how would they themselves appear in so many photos that are obviously not selfie's?). Also, what is with the letter boards? That is a trend I don't yet understand but seems to be a common thread among these perfect moms. And they literally have thousands of followers (and I'm one of the guilty few who has been suckered in to desiring their picture perfect life too). How do they do all of this on top of running their own business? I find it all consuming and exhausting to put that much effort into what my life looks like on social media. Ok, rant finished. 

Back to the photos from 2017! I only hope I can document our son's first years as well as I have documented Cora's. I always joke with my husband about how my baby book is packed full of photos of me, the first child in my family, where in comparison his has very few photos from his first years since he was the third child. These are some of my favorite photos of Cora from over the past year. As you will note, color reigns!


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