Portrait Photography: Garden Flower Crown Session in Cabbage Hill

July 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Close up portrait photo of a woman wearing a flower crown and holding a leaf of purple cabbage with yellow marigold flowers inside. It was one of those hot humid evenings in Lancaster City where the nasty asian tiger stripe mosquitos are almost as thick as the air. I convinced a few of my friends who live around the neighborhood to join me for a little creative photo shoot. We scavenged our backyards for whatever struck our fancy. I gathered a combination of hydrangea flowers, ferns, hosta leaves, English ivy, black eyed susans and other random weeds I found growing around the yard. My friend Drea found inspiration in her vegetable garden. Because we live in an area of the city known as Cabbage Hill, I decided I must include some cabbage. It was a tricky matter, but I managed to get a few purple cabbage leaves to stay put in a flower crown.  

My initial vision for this shoot was to photograph these ladies in various backyards and alleyways around the neighborhood. I love the idea of keeping it simple and creating with what you have right in front of you. Creating art right in your own backyard if you will. I wanted a free-spirited, wild, bohemian vibe. I liked the idea of juxtaposing these beautiful wild backyard garden bouquets with the textures found in crumbling walls and weathered buildings. However, in most of these photographs I realized it's kind of hard to tell that we are in the city since there is so much green. Some of these could possibly even pass for a forest location.

I foresee future photo sessions around the neighborhood that show more of the urban landscape. I want to portray the quirks and beauty to be found in this historic neighborhood, along with the 'unpretty' we see in trashy streets and neglected properties. I hope my portraits will put a unique spin on the places we might pass by everyday and not think twice about. So while I didn't quite accomplish my original vision for this shoot, we certainly made some beautiful images in our own backyards!

Photo of a young woman lying in the grass surrounded by rainbow swiss chard. Photo of hands holding rainbow swiss chard in a garden in Lancaster, PA. Beautiful photo of a young red haired woman wearing a flower crown of ferns, hydrangea and purple cabbage sitting in a backyard in Lancaster City, Cabbage Hill neighborhood. photo of a young woman in a black dress holding a wildflower bouquet of ferns, hostas and black eyed susans in Lancaster City, PA. Beautiful photo of a young woman wearing a flower crown made of ferns, purple cabbage and hydrangea in Lancaster, PA.


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