Lifestyle Photography: A Morning with the Shirk Family

February 09, 2017  •  2 Comments

It is winter and as a stay-at-home mom I can get stir crazy from time to time. My good friend Lisa lives just a few blocks away and I was glad to come over for a play date and snap some photos of a typical morning at their house. Even though there are four energetic children, something about their home feels so peaceful to me. Lisa is a rockstar mom and she is currently homeschooling her kids. She and I go waaaay back to my first years in Lancaster before husbands and kids came along and we were housemates. She is married to my husband's cousin Peter so I guess that makes us family too. 

I love documenting these types of sessions because they allow you to see life as it is, in all of the beauty and chaos. I'm sure there are days that feel long and exhausting but years from now they'll look back at these photos with fondness.  They will recall how Abram used to suck his two fingers when he was sleepy, how Lael loved doing gymnastics in the living room, how Eden always wanted to carry the babies around, and how Nora lined all her ponies around her yogurt dish. These real life moments are to be cherished and I am glad to capture them on camera.


I LOVE the photos Melissa!! You just can't have too many pictures of your kids when they are little... I will cherish these forever! Thanks so much :)
Beautiful! She could also be an interior designer!!
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