Lancaster Family Photographer: Baby Kai at Chickies Day Use Area

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

beautiful candid family photo of parents and a baby in front of a red barn in Lancaster, PA.

This is probably one of my favorite family photo shoots so far this fall. Kai is such a ham and was so easy to photograph. I can't believe he'll be one soon! It seems I was just photographing him at a month old not that long ago! The first year goes by so quickly, yet there is so much growth and change in that year, both for the child and the first time parents. I love being able to document families as they grow and change through my photography.

I recently discovered this location near Chickies Rock when I was scouting spots earlier this spring. I like the rustic feel of the barn and the stone wall and the light was absolutely amazing! We ended our session with a few photos at Breezy View Overlook as the sun was setting.

Janet and Isaac are some of my favorite people so naturally I love every single one of these photos and find it hard to pick a favorite. I realize looking at these selected images that very few of them are posed with all three people looking at the camera. I'm finding myself more and more drawn to capturing moments that show movement or emotion than the standard camera aware image. For this reason I tell people that I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer. I have been so blessed by all the families I've gotten to photograph so far this year! 

Beautiful, happy, candid backlit mother and son photo by lifestyle photographer Melissa Engle Photography. Happy candid photo of a child being swung in the air by his parents. Sweet close up family portrait of a mother kissing her baby and an adoring father.


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