Personal Project: Who's Who on The Hill with Mustafa Nuur of E-Impact Marketing

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This post is part of a personal project series called "Who's Who on the Hill" which features people and businesses in my Lancaster City neighborhood which is affectionately known as Cabbage Hill or "The Hill". Below is a short Q&A with Mustafa Nuur of E-Impact Marketing along with photos of him with his coworkers in their newly renovated office space on the corner of Laurel and Union Streets. To read more about Mustafa's story and the incredible and difficult journey of how he and his family came to Lancaster, check out this LNP article.
Q: How long have you lived in the neighborhood and why did you decide to move here?
A: My family and I are from Somalia and we moved here a little over a year ago from Kenya where we were living as refugees. We were resettled here by a local resettlement agency called CWS so moving here was a chance at luck. We were delighted to find out our neighborhood had all that we ever hoped for and decided to permanently live here. I have three brothers and four sisters and a nice secure neighborhood was an answer to prayer.
Q: What do you “do” (profession, hobby, etc)?
A: A few months after we moved here I was hired by a new company in our neighborhood named E-impact Marketing. I do online marketing and web design and when am not working I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy volunteering to help out the local refugees who have been resettled here and to help them integrate well in their neighborhood.
Q:  What is a favorite memory or moment you recall from living on The Hill?
A:  One of the favorite memories that will always be dear to me and my family was our first encounter with our neighbor Chris Stoltzfus (also my boss and owner of E-Impact Marketing). A day after we moved to our new house we heard a knock on our door and there he was carrying a new chair as a welcome gift. My sisters had mistaken him for someone delivering furniture to the wrong house, and they called me saying "there is a man with a chair at the door". I opened and he greeted me and welcomed us to the neighborhood. I remember thinking how that first early encounter with a new neighbor made me and my family feel welcomed to The Hill.
Q:  If you could change or improve something about the neighborhood, what would it be?
A:  What I would love to see happen more is for neighbors to interact and get to know each other well so we may keep our neighborhood safe and clean.  We could have an annual 'Cabbage Hill Day' where neighbors come to interact, address common issues and celebrate our neighborhood.
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